We went deep into the jungle…with Disney’s “The Jungle Book”

One of the benefits of making the effort to travel with children is the exposure that they will then have to different cultures and people. All great in theory but not always possible for every family…and this is why I think going to the movies is awesome.

Obviously 1 hour and 5 minutes of action packed armchair adventure is not a replacement for the real thing; but any opportunity to transport our children’s minds (even temporarily) to another place and time has to be a good, right?

My aim is to inspire our boys to seek out what they’re interested in by planting the initial seeds whenever I can, hopefully guiding them towards ‘what’s next’.

For all of these reasons,  we were pretty excited to be invited to see Disney’s all-new The Jungle Book! We hadn’t been deep, deep into the jungle before…and definitely not with 3D glasses and an amazing jungle themed choc-top! Thanks Disney, this is going to be fun!


The Plot:

  1. Disney’s The Jungle Book takes this classic 1967 animation and brings it roaring to life.
  2. The Jungle Book is about Mowgli, a baby boy found in the jungle and raised by a pack of wolves. Shere Khan (a pretty scary tiger) learns of his existence, and forces Mowgli to leave the wolf pack.
  3. Mowgli then sets out to make his way from the wolf pack, to the human camp. So many life lessons to follow…
  4. Mowgli is an easy character to associate with and is really just an ordinary kid in extraordinary circumstances. His story really teaches about the realities of life, opportunities for adventure and the great power of friendships.

The verdict:

The jungle theme was executed beautifully from the moment we entered the cinema right through to the films closing credits.

There were a few “jumpy” moments in the Jungle Book; but honestly none of it is going to traumatise us and the kids still enjoyed the amazing journey. They described it as ‘epic’.  I think these days that’s a good thing, right? 🙂

I would recommend The Jungle Book for ages 6 and up to be safe but really only because of those ‘jumpy bits’ which caught us by surprise which was thanks to fantastic photorealistic CGI programming.



Watch the official trailer here:


We saw this movie as a guest of Disney Studios Motion Pictures Australia.  Disney’s The Jungle Book is rated PG and is swinging in cinemas now!