Paris & London: Easter Hunt with THATMuse (Treasure Hunt at the Museum)

Just sharing something a bit fun for our jet setting families visiting Paris and London this Easter…

I recently became aware of THATMuse, which stands for Treasure Hunt at the Museum  and includes the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Paris streets and most recently, the British Museum in London.

The company was started in 2012 by an American expat and mum Daisy de Plume who hosts a handful of simultaneous public treasure hunts across the channel, at the same time in different Paris and London museums.

Daisy is responsible for a whole lot of cultural shenanigans that kids will love, including an Easter Egg hunt at the Museum! 


Easter Public Hunt on Friday 14 April, which will run in London (at the British Museum from 5:30 – 7/7:30 pm) and in Paris (au Louvre from 6:30 – 8/8:30 pm). 

You can see a sample clue of each museum’s hunt on their website and can read about THATMuse here.  The website includes further details on how to book, meeting points, rules and tools.  Note: Does not include tickets to the museums these are additional.