Paris & London: Easter Hunt with THATMuse (Treasure Hunt at the Museum)

Just sharing something a bit fun for our jet setting families visiting Paris and London this Easter… I recently became aware of THATMuse, which stands for Treasure Hunt at the Museum  and includes the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Paris streets and most recently, the British Museum in London. The company was started in 2012 by an American expat and mum Daisy de Plume who hosts a handful of […]


Over the weekend we got to participate in something pretty special. I took the boys out for morning tea to taste-test the mouthwatering new range of pancakes now available at Australia’s much loved Shingle Inn. The pancakes I have to tell you they were pretty awesome and the boys quite literally gobbled them all up. […]

Ovation of the Seas: Sneaky visit to Brisbane and Sydney launch party highlights

I received news today from the Port of Brisbane that Royal Caribbean Australia’s megaliner Ovation of the Seas is coming for a visit on February 22nd! Now before we get too excited, you won’t be seeing this ship at Portside Wharf. Due to its ginormous size, Ovation will be docking at Fisherman Island’s General Purpose […]

Go on a Neverland Adventure with Harbour Town Melbourne!

We took a trip to Melbourne earlier this week for the launch of some seriously good pirate fun at Harbour Town! We heard that there was going to be pirates about and didn’t want to miss any of the swashbuckling action! It was hard work taking the boys to a shopping mecca but someone had […]

WIN! Mister Maker and his awesomely crafty suitcase are coming to Brisbane!

We were excited to hear recently that world traveller and super crafty person Mister Maker is planning a trip Downunder in January next year as part of Queensland Performing Arts Centres (QPACs) SummerSet program! As big fans of the show, we’ve secured our tickets to see our first ever live performance next January.  The boys […]

Survey Says…It’s time to Play Disney Family Feud!

I feel like I have been working towards this next moment my whole life.  This will be my moment. My moment to shine like the Disney Princess I always knew I was born to be 😉 What is she going on about? Today I received a very exciting package in the post.  It was our […]

Travel, Regional Flavours & showcasing the best of Queensland

One of my very favourite things to do on holidays is to try the local delicacies.  Yes all of them. 😉 Our family makes a point of trying street food, asking the locals where the cities best foodie eats are and we even go on an ‘adventure’ together to the local grocery store. We love […]